Felt Roofing Repairs: Don’t Cut Any Corners!

Flat Roofing Solutions

Although felt flat roofs are no longer common place, there are still many to be found on the top of sheds, garages even some home extensions.  But nothing lasts forever and many of these felt roofs may need repairing.  So how do you know how to carry out a felt roof repair, if you ought to be looking at a felt roof replacement or you should get a new type of roof altogether?

Well some people will undoubtedly tell you about their old fashioned way of doing it that has been handed down over the years and is either a bitumen waterproofing solution or it could be some kind of complex glass fibre roofing felt that requires hot bitumen to be applied.  They make it sound easy; but it is really vital not to cut any corners.  Instead do the job properly.

Some of the roofs that are fitted with felt may well have asbestos in them, (this used to be commonplace) so you need to be wary of undertaking radical treatments without due understanding for what you are about to do.  If you do suspect that there may be asbestos in the roof, take expert advice before you undertake any felt roof repair and talk to us at www.avant-garde-roofing.co.uk we will be able to advise you on the best action to take, since if there is asbestos there, you will not only have to undertake a felt roof replacement, you will have to get rid of the asbestos from the old roof...

Alternatives to Felt Roofing Solutions


Flat Roof Replacement/Repair Systems


Felt Roofing Replacement

Modern felts are much more durable and lasting than the old types of roof felt, which means that you will usually only have to do a roof felt repair once and it should then last you for about twenty or so years; if you do the felt roof repair right that is.  If you ‘botch it up’ then you may have to fork out for a new roof, so get it right first time and save yourself some money!

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