Commercial Projects

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This is not normally used on very large commercial roofs, most common used is single ply membrane or a liquid system, these both remain flexible and hence can cope with the large amount of expansion and contraction that takes place over the bigger areas. Refurbishing a commercial roof often comes under building regulations as regards insulation to bring it up to currant legal requirements. This often has a positive effect on reducing the carbon foot print of the business Please see our section on Insulation.  If a roof has a large amount of awkward obstructions on it the liquid system may well be the best solution.

We offer competent builders what we call our COVER ONLY service, where the builder does all the structural work including  the boarding and flat roof insulation and we will do the technical waterproofing layer and flashing and the customer gets same guarantee on the roof as if we had done all the work. We can supply a specification sheet and guidance on method of construction or if required a site visit.  In a warm roof construction please consult us before building starts as we have systems where the waterproofing and can be laid directly  on to the insulation.

Contact us before you start the project we will help with advice on all aspects of the roof and insulation if needed.