Terms and Conditions

All references to “the company” refers to  AVANTGARDE ROOFING SOLUTIONS LTD., the details of which are shown overleaf, all references to “the customer” is the person or organisation contracting with AVANTGARDE ROOFING SOLUTIONS LTD.,

This agreement is subject to the following conditions of contract.

1. In the event of it not being accepted within 100 days of issue, the company reserves the right to amend or withdraw it. Acceptance by the customer constitutes agreement to the Company’s standard conditions herein.
2. The Company will have full access to the site and all main services will be available as needed.  The customer will have previously arranged consent prior to starting, if work or access to an adjoining property is needed to complete the work satisfactorily.
3. Installing a new roof will often involve work on the supporting timbers and installing new timber decking. Depending on the original construction of these supports some small movement may take place which in rare cases may lead to slight cracking of plasterwork.  The Company will endeavour to minimise these risks , however we cannot be held responsible for minor cosmetic damage so caused.
4. Due to the original design of the roof or distortion of the roof supports or settlement of the building some ponding may occur. This will NOT adversely effect the lifespan of the roof.
5. The Company will take all reasonable precautions to prevent water ingress during the work.  However the Company cannot be held responsible for water ingress during adverse weather conditions beyond the Company’s control.
6. Full payment of the Quotation / Invoice is due on the day of completion of the work, or with written agreement within 7 days thereof.  Prompt payment allows the Company to pay its suppliers promptly which gives the Company lower prices which helps us keep our prices low.
7. Thoroughly check the details of this contract to make sure it fully represents your understanding of the proposed work that you have discussed with the Company.
8. An Invoice / Receipt marked paid will be posted to you along with any guarantee forms, this can take a few weeks.
9. Errors and Omissions Excepted