Advantages of a Commercial Flat Roof  24th July 2020

If you’re looking for an alternative roof solution for your commercial property, have you considered Flat / GRP roofing? Flat Roofs have many advantages over traditional methods. And this is highlighted further when it comes to a commercial property. So, if you’re looking for a roof that provides more durability, is relatively inexpensive and energy efficient, then read onto this article below which homes in on the benefits of a commercial flat roof solution.



Cost Effective

A flat roof has many benefits, but the fact that it is an affordable solution compared to others certainly makes it more desirable. As a commercial property, this can be an excellent methods of cost saving, and does not compromise on practicality, as flat roofs are durable and effective.



Durable and Long-lasting

Flat roofs are built to last… this may sound like a cliché but the average life expectancy for these roofs can be up to 40 years. And this includes withstanding the harshest of weather conditions!



Ease of Maintenance

Once a flat roof system is installed, you’ll be surprised at the ease of maintenance that’s required. And once you maintain a pattern of regular maintenance, you’ll find that general damage can be limited, if not avoided.



Versatility in Design & Aesthetics

Most forms of flat roofing are incredibly versatile in their design and as the name suggests, a flat roof can then open up spaces that may not have been previously possible. And there are many specific uses for commercial flat roofs that people utilise.  



Energy Efficient

Flat roofs are strong and robust by nature, allowing them to be quite thermally beneficial, allowing heat not to escape, thus keeping a property further insulated.


So, whether you’re looking to replace an existing flat roof system, or looking to install a new one. You can be rest assured that Avant Garde are the commercial flat roofing specialists you are looking for. Get in touch with us today to find out more in any of the above.