Blast-Resistant Flat Roofs: Standing Strong in Stormy Weather

The wind is howling, tree branches flying, rain lashing against the windows. Weather warnings sound as an intense storm rips across the streets. Every homeowner worries what the tumultuous conditions could mean for their most important asset - the roof over their head. And so the question arises - is my flat roof resilient enough or will it fail catastrophically?


It's a reasonable worry many of our customers at Avant Garde Roofing share – as this is a common question we get – can flat roofs withstand the harshest of weather conditions. As leading flat roofing specialists serving England for over two decades, we want to reassure you. When constructed properly using modern materials and techniques, today's flat roofs inhibit exceptional wind resistance to protect your property, come rain or shine. So, in short, yes – flat roofs can endure that harshest of weather conditions. However, as the years progress, it might be wise to have the roof undergo some kind of yearly maintenance to ensure its durability.




Built to Withstand Nature's Worst

The key lies in robust bonding solutions and anchoring. Quality flat roof membranes adhere firmly to roof decking through industrial-strength adhesives that interlock layers into an impenetrable barrier against the elements. Powerful enough to withstand hurricane updrafts - yet meticulously designed to remain subtle and aesthetically pleasing.

Unlike sloped roofs vulnerable to uplift pressure under overhanging eaves, flat roofs present less surface area for winds to infiltrate and cause havoc. Flat construction allows sheer winds to glide smoothly over the surface rather than lifting edges prone to tearing. And with weighted insulation or gravel ballast anchoring the membrane down, no storm can budge these blast-resistant barriers.


Surpassing Safety Certification Standards

UK regulations declare roofing in regions with high winds must withstand gusts over 55 metres per second - approximately 123 mph. The newest polymer-modified bitumen membranes completely adhere to such thresholds - resisting winds over 150 mph before buckling!

At Avant Garde, we exclusively install flat roofs that meet or exceed all safety standards. Our customers can rest easy knowing their roofs are ready to weather whatever wild storms and extreme gusts blow through town. While we can never predict nature's full fury, you can feel reassured knowing your flat roof stands battle-tested and ready.


Protection Requires Maintenance

However, it is important to note that no roof ‒ even fortress-like flat roofs ‒ lasts forever without periodic inspection and upkeep. We recommend examining flat roofs at least twice yearly for debris clearance, seal inspections and drainage functionality. This helps prolong the lifespan so your roof continues providing vital protection against the elements.


Work With Industry Leaders

Don't gamble on unqualified tradesmen to install your storm-proof roofing. As seasoned specialists serving England for over 20 years, Avant Garde Roofing offers fully customisable flat roofing to match unique requirements. Our comprehensive services deliver long-lasting wind resistance along with expert maintenance to endure decades of turbulent weather ahead.


Contact us today to discuss or request quotes from our friendly team. We stay ahead of the game when it comes to materials innovations so you can face extreme winds with confidence knowing that your most important asset is secured within a blast-resistant barrier, come what may!