Can Commercial Properties Benefit From Flat Roofing  28th March 2021

Flat roofing is an excellent option for commercial and industrial properties because it provides a clean look, quick installation and exceptional versatility.

From restaurants to coffee houses, warehouses, industrial units, salons, supermarkets, gyms and leisure centres, flat roofs are suitable for a wide variety of buildings. Today there are more options readily available in terms of colour schemes, materials, membranes and finishes. So what are the key components of commercial flat roofing & industrial flat roofing ?



Why Choose Commercial Flat Roofing ?


Aesthetic appeal

You can't deny that having a new flat roof installed adds a clean, professional and captivating appearance to any commercial property. Whether you opt for fibreglass, single ply or a Kemper over-lay system, you're guaranteed a flush finish that complements the architectural style of your commercial property.


Simple Installation

Flat roofs appeal to many business owners because they are highly cost-effective to install compared to other industrial and commercial roofing solutions. The installation procedure reduces costs from day one, whilst most flat roofs are easier to maintain than other traditional commercial roofing options.


Ease of Access

Cleaning a pitched roof is difficult at the best of times, but with a commercial flat roof, it is much simpler. This means that should an issue occur, an experienced roofer can locate the problem quickly, resulting in a cheaper repair or maintenance bill. You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing those working on your property are safe. Due to the odd angles and specialist equipment, pitched roofs will always be more challenging to clean, so a flat roofing solution is far safer.


Wind Resistance

Conventional rooftops more likely to be affected during severe weather conditions, so you have to weigh up the repair and reinstallations costs when you're choosing a roofing solution. Fortunately, at Avant Garde, we have various commercial roofing solutions available, but single ply is the most popular, and it's installed with a life expectancy of over 30 years. When installed by a professional team of roofing contractors, they are maintenance-free, strong and durable — with up to a 20-year guarantee! Single ply flat roofing installations do not require paints or re-saturants to keep them looking good all year round, so you can take comfort knowing your roof is smart, tidy and professional at all times.


Energy efficient

We must all do our part to shape a sustainable future, and by choosing an energy-efficient roofing solution, you not only save money on your bills; you boost your eco-friendly credentials. A professional flat roof uses thermally efficient materials to reduce heat loss through the roof and reduce the amount of energy required to heat or cool the building throughout the year, meaning you have a more comfortable environment for staff and customers. To learn more about how commercial properties can benefit from flat roofing, and our commercial flat roofing services, get in touch with Avant Garde Roofing today on 0800 456 1104. Alternatively, please send us a message. We're open on weekdays from 8am to 8pm.