Can You Put Tiles on a Flat Roof?

Fibreglass, single-ply and kemper overlay systems are three of the most popular solutions for crafting the perfect flat roof. All three demand a great deal of expertise to get the job done right. That said, there are plenty of alternatives for homes, garages, extensions, conservatories, sheds, summerhouses and home offices, but you will not see many flat roofs in the Uk covered in tiles. Why is that? Well, most flat roofs are constructed of very few materials, which means the main solutions we've touched on above are relatively cost-effective straight off the bat. You're also guaranteed more durability and a waterproof seal.


Installing tiles on a flat roof can be tricky and requires professional expertise to ensure it is done correctly. That's why fibreglass and single-ply membranes have become popular alternatives, as they are easier to install and require less maintenance. They are also resistant to extreme weather conditions, making them more durable than tiles. That's not to say that you can't install tiles on a flat roof; it is possible with a professional installation. Still, more upkeep will likely be required, and there is a greater risk of water seeping through or the tiles becoming damaged compared to alternative solutions like fibreglass or single-ply membranes.



What are the best solutions for residential properties?

It's essential to recognise that most commercial properties in the UK with flat roofs feature single-ply flat roofs, or a liquid system as opposed to fibreglass, mainly because of the lower cost and more straightforward installation process. That said, fibreglass is a fine choice for many residential properties like garages and extensions because these roofs are relatively simple without complex roof designs or lots of protrusions.


At Aavant-Garde Roofing, we have decades of experience when it comes to installing flat roofs and has a number of different solutions for our clients. We always consider your requirements, budget and the local climate when choosing the best option for you and will match you with the perfect solution. Therefore, when it comes to putting tiles on a flat roof, it's certainly possible but not always necessarily the best choice in terms of durability or cost-effectiveness.


If you're looking for an easier solution that will be more durable in extreme weather conditions, then fibreglass and single-ply membranes are likely your best bet, or the Kemper Waterproofing System because of its proven track record throughout Europe. These solutions require less maintenance and are generally more cost-effective than tiling. Ultimately, your decision depends on your goals, the architectural style of your property and the budget you've set for the task at hand. For more advice on which material would be right for you, contact Avant-Garde Roofing today on 0800 456 1104 ! We are happy to help you make an informed decision about your flat roofing project.