Commercial Flat Roofing Options  2nd April 2014

There are different types of commercial flat roofing, including a single-ply flat roof, fibreglass and a Kemper reinforced liquid system. The size and type of building are important before you decide on the right system for your needs. For example, fibreglass roofing requires a great deal of labour work, and this is not always suitable for a large school building.

A single-ply roof is lightweight and economical when it comes to covering large areas, while a Kemper reinforced liquid system is ideal if you have a roof with a various obstruction such as bulky rooflights or ventilation stacks. Avant-Garde can install any one of these systems, and we’ll even help you decide on the right one for your commercial property.

A Kemper system can work for brand new buildings and those that are older, possibly requiring repairs, while it's wet on wet application offers exceptional performance and a fluid appearance. Avant-Garde provides customers with the latest, proven commercial flat roofing systems, and we never use sub-contractors to carry out any roofing work on our behalf.

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