Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions  4th February 2015

Avant-Garde are specialist installers of energy-efficient roofing, and there are many advantages of insulating a flat roof. You can get a warmer room in the winter and a cooler room in the summer, and you could also see reduced energy bills and lower carbon emissions too.

There are two main types of energy-efficient roofing; cold deck and warm roof. The cold deck solution is probably the most common, but it is also the least thermally efficient of the two. With this solution, the roof joints support the roof and the internal ceiling, while fibreglass wool insulation is placed between the supporting joists.

The warm roof option is the current method, and it includes a vapour barrier sheet which is laid over the deck, then the appropriate thickness of insulation is fastened to the roof sub-deck. This is followed by the waterproof layer, and this clever system is designed to alleviate the formation of condensation, but it must be said that not all roof structures can accommodate this solution.

Fibreglass wool loft insulation is gradually being replaced by modern PIR foam, which performs very well, and both Kingspan and Celotex supply lightweight PIR rigid foam boards. If you’re replacing a flat roof, it can be very beneficial to upgrade your insulation too, and Avant-Garde is always happy to guide you through the options, taking your unique requirements into account.