How Much Does Flat Roof Replacement Cost?

One of the key benefits of a flat roof is the cost. Many people choose this type of roofing as it is durable and sturdy, without costing too much to fit and replace. Repair work is cheaper as well, largely due to the types of materials used and the fact that it is an easier process than replacing tiles on a pitched roof.

Whilst it may take longer than giving a price list online, we strongly believe that the only way to work out the cost of a replacement flat roof is to see it for ourselves. This is because there are just too many variables. Here are just some of the things we need to consider on an individual basis:

- The size of the building and roof area

- Whether the whole roof is being replaced, or just part of it

- The time it will take to complete the job

- The complexity of the repair

- The type of material being used – GRP/ fibreglass, single-ply membrane, Kemper overlay – and whether the replacement will use the same material

Many people want quick answers when looking up the cost of a flat roof replacement. However, we would always urge you to get a personalised quotation. If a company has their full price list online, chances are they are not very experienced. Also, watch out for people quoting prices minus the VAT to make the work look cheaper. An experienced and confident roofer would only ever quote for a project once they have cast their expert eye over the property and know exactly what is involved. This is because they wouldn’t want to disappoint their customer by listing a price on a website and then changing it.

We will be more than happy to give you a quotation for your flat roof replacements. All quotations are free and will allow us to provide you with an accurate price.