How to find a good roofer  3rd October 2018

Experience in Roofing

If your friends or family members are willing to recommend a roofer who worked on their property and they were pleased with the price and the quality of work delivered, you may want to take a look at the individual or organisation. But you should still carry out some of your own checks first, rather than taking their words as gospel – which brings us nicely onto our next point.


Read reviews

It doesn’t take too long to flick through a companies reviews online, and not just the testimonials they list on their website, but reviews on the likes of Google and Facebook as well as their directory listings. These can all be found online so do spend some time double-checking they have largely positive feedback.


Let them demonstrate their knowledge

When you are receiving quotes from each contractor, do not simply take the cheapest option. You should aim to give roofers the opportunity to demonstrate their skills by requesting their advice as well as information on the methods, materials and equipment they use t complete the job. When you speak with different contractors, it can quite easy to identify reliable professionals from the ‘cowboys’. For example, you, as the customer, should establish whether planning permission will be required, and your roofer should be well placed to advise you, especially if they claim to “know what they’re talking about”.


Can they provide a quote in writing?

A good roofer will be willing to provide a quote or estimate in writing, so be sure to ask for one before work commences.


Choose a roofing contractor who is clear on payment terms

There’s nothing worse than not knowing how much you’re going to spend and when it needs to be paid. You should agree on payment terms before the work commences but do be careful on upfront payments and ensure you know what you are getting in return. It’s also worth noting that many roofing contractors who offer VAT-free deals are not so easily tracked down should something go wrong.

“Jack of all trades, master of none.”

There are so many different types of roofing jobs, so let’s say you need some work on your flat roof above your garage. In this situation, you should seek a flat roofing specialist because they will be installing and repairing these kinds of roofs on a daily basis and will be up to date with the changes in this particular roofing sector.


Choose a roofer who ticks all of these boxes

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